How to Teach Your Child about Computers, Computer Science, and Coding

Speaker:  Natasha D Dobson
In this workshop, Natasha will share the 4 reasons why your child must learn about computer technology. Grown-ups and kids do a hands-on activity to start teaching and learning. Bring your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Natasha D Dobson

Natasha Dodson

Natasha is the Founder of WebbyKids, an organization focused on teaching new learners about computers, computer science, and coding. She created the originally-defined computer literacy curriculum and skills lists for kids. Natasha is a practicing professional with over 20 years in technology who has first-hand experience that children can have a competitive advantage by starting early. She has two sons, one in elementary school and one in high school who are the first WebbyKids and the inspiration behind the organization. Natasha has a Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication, a Master of Science in Information Technology and Electronic Commerce, and a whole lot of certificates in technology and management.

STEM Literacy: Why Every Child Needs to Be STEM Literate and the Critical Role of Teachers

Speaker:  Pam Liu
Students in the 21st century need reading and writing skills beyond basic literacy – they need to be STEM-Literate. The language of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is uniquely intricate and must be mastered by anyone who wishes to succeed in society today. Reading, writing, and using STEM language are crucial to not only solving complex problems, but more importantly, for simply navigating daily life. This workshop will be an interactive presentation and discussion on the following questions: What is STEM Literacy and why is it important? What are ways that your homeschool can facilitate STEM literacy? How can you make acquiring STEM literacy fun for your child(ren)?


Pam Liu

Pam Liu

Pam is the STEM Principal Teacher for 21st Century STEM Academy, a new private K-8 school in Atlanta. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Harvard University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Duke University.She has taught at schools in Durham, NC; Shanghai, China; and Atlanta, GA. Her favorite subject to teach is math – which ironically stems from the fact that math used to be her biggest academic fear! Conquering mathematics is what Pam believes gave her the skills to leverage for many significant opportunities. These experiences include computer coding in healthcare technology, novel research in public health (leading to her first journal publication, cited in a policy draft for the Ministry of Health in India), design and implementation of leadership workshops, and completion of three engineering internships with NASA (she is a space geek!). Recognizing the powerful role of math as a gatekeeper in society, Pam makes dispelling math anxiety a top priority in her teaching endeavors. In addition to improving math literacy, Pam is passionate about shifting the status quo on issues of social justice and healthy living. One of her projects promotes daily yoga practice (social media: @pamliuyoga). When she needs a jolt of fresh perspective, Pam likes to travel to new places and marvel at connections that support the six degrees of separation theory.

ArtsBridge Foundation


ArtsBridge Field Trips at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre expose students to performances by The Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Ballet, Kennesaw State University College of the Arts and Global Stages, our international and cultural performing arts experience. ArtsBridge produces the Georgia High School Musical Theatre Awards – The Shulers, celebrating excellence in high school musical theatre and Master Classes, giving students the opportunity to train with professionals. We also provide Educational Experiences including behind-the-scenes technical theatre tours, professional development workshops for teachers, artists-in-schools and production/performance opportunities for students. New this year, the ArtsBridge Family Series! These one hour performances provide the opportunity to introduce young audiences and families to the performing arts!