Beth and Gabe Underhill

Gabe and Beth Underhill live in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, where they homeschool their two young boys. Beth first heard about essential oils through a friend, and after learning more started using them. Gabe, the skeptic husband, eventually decided to try them and couldn’t deny the incredible results. Essential oils have blessed their lives so much that Gabe and Beth felt they had to share with other families and now travel around the country teaching others what they have learned.

The Blessing of the Strong-Willed Child

Speaker: Teresa Knight
Raising 9 strong willed children Teresa Knight knows that having a strong-willed child is hard work. So many well meaning people will offer you advice, but how many tell you that having a child that is strong-willed can actually be a blessing? Your child is a unique gift from God. He has great and mighty plans for them.Learn practical ways to guide your child and direct their hearts. God is at work and has equipped your for this task.

The Oil Journey


Come and learn how you can incorporate modern essential oils into a practical, healthy, and natural lifestyle. Essential oils can be used to help focus and calm, enhance moods, support immune systems, care for skin naturally, support all body systems, natural cleaning, for beauty products, and much more.

Georgia State Parks and Historic


Happy birthday to us! Come celebrate our 85th anniversary at a
Georgia State Park or Historic Site near you. Parks and historic sites provide living arenas for all areas of activity, education, and exercise. Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites encourages learners of all ages to “Get Out. Get Dirty. Get Fit.

Successful education, a neuro-developmental perspective.

Speaker: Sunette Payne
We will explore the neuro-developmental key components in learning and education. Please join Sunette as she discusses how the brain receives, processes, stores and utilizes information and how to use these key pieces to drive a successful education.