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Squilt Music

SQUILT Music Appreciation (brought to you by Homegrown Learners) – Music Appreciation curriculum for elementary and middle grades

Website: Squilt Music

21st Century STEM Academy

21st Century STEM Academy

21st Century STEM Academy is a K-8 micro school offering personalized and project based learning, literacy across disciplines with a strong hands-on STEM focus. We also offer homeschool STEM days.

Website: 21st Century STEM Academy

Prime Numbers – The Gateway to Algebra and Beyond!

Featured Speaker: Dennis DiNoia
This hands-on workshop will show how to use prime numbers to simplify both numerical and algebraic fractions, greatest common factors, least common multiples, simplifying roots and determining patterns in sequences. This workshop is for anyone who is pre-algebra to precalculus. The workshop is fast paced and fun whether you are a middle school student, high school student or parent. This is a must for parents of younger children preparing for pre-algebra!

SAT Math -It’s Not the Math, it’s the Question that is Confusing!

Featured Speaker: Dennis DiNoia
Join Mr. D for a mini-SAT Boot camp. Mr. D will be showing the tips and techniques from his SAT Boot camps. This workshop will focus on math, the language behind the questions and show participants what they really need to know before taking the math section of the new 2016 SAT. Find out the words on the test that give tips for how to solve the questions as well learning what formulas you really need to know before the taking the SAT. Students and parents alike will learn how to unravel the questions being asked into something they can solve quickly and easily. These techniques can be used for other testing situations and subject areas as well.

How to Think and Talk Math!

Featured Speaker: Dennis DiNoia
What if math was its own language? Learn to speak math similar to the way you learn to speak other new languages. Learn the basic foundations on which the math language is created and how to see Algebra skills in basic math. This workshop will give participants wanting to expand their thinking to higher levels of math using basic operations they already know. Learn how the “secrets” of mental math and how to apply them in everyday situations. participants access a common math language that can be used at any grade level.