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Learning game centers with 25 self-checking skill games. Drops in the Bucket daily review workbooks which review all of the most essential skills for 12 weeks. Reading, Math, Dual Language and more!

Understanding the Jargon of Financial Aid & Scholarship Tips

Speaker:  Mandy McLain

Understanding the Jargon of Financial Aid When it comes to Financial Aid, do you feel like you’re in another country? Everyone around you must be speaking a different language! In this workshop, you will learn the jargon and walk away with a new understanding of what you need to complete your financial aid application. Scholarship Tips With the cost of education today, everyone could use a little extra help paying for it all. In “Scholarship Tips” you will learn what you can do to secure more assistance, making your educational experience less painful!


Understanding Financial Aid Jargon

Speaker:  Mandy McLain

When you went on to complete your FAFSA, did you feel as though you had stepped onto a different planet? “Understanding Financial Aid Jargon” will help to bring back down to earth and equip you with the tools you need to be able to say “mission accomplished!”

Mandy McLain

Mandy McLain has worked in financial aid for 10 years. She began her career at a graduate/seminary level school and spent the last 9 years working with students and colleges at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Mrs. McLain’s financial aid exposure includes Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina as well as extensive work in the Federal Student Aid program. Her responsibilities have included military benefits, federal grants, federal loans, state programs, and institutional aid. Mrs. McLain loves working with students who have a desire to pursue higher education. She is passionate about educating students in avoiding costly mistakes and in encouraging them to graduate from their programs ready to deploy into the workforce, prepared both professionally and financially.

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Bits, Bots

Technology classes for ages 6 & up. Choose from robotics, game creation, Minecraft, 3D printing and more. Now offering business opportunities for others wanting to offer Brainy Bytes in their area.