Do You Know How Your Child Develops Artistically?

Speaker: Dwayne Walker

Join creative professional, Dwayne Walker, as he demonstrates artistic development from a child to adulthood and provides tips and tricks on how to enhance each stage. You will leave this session with a clear direction on how you will improve your child’s artistic ability.

Here’s the secret to teaching arts to your kids!

Speaker: Dwayne Walker

Join creative professional, Dwayne Walker, as he unveils tips and tricks that helped himself, as a homeschool student, go from tracing pictures in a coloring book to doing live-paintings for Celebrities and Social Icons. You will leave this session with the resources to start your child’s creative journey.

Critical Conversations: Helping Your Kids Navigate a Hyper-sexualized Culture (Saturday)

Speaker: Barrett and Jenifer Johnson
Critical Conversations is designed to give parents the practical tools they need to help their kids make wise choices regarding their God-given sexuality. Covering everything from “the talk,” social media, dating/courtship and even porn, this workshop addresses both “what to know” and “what to do.”

Marlin Detweiler

Marlin Detweiler

Marlin Detweiler is the husband of Laurie, father of Jameson, Brandon, Travis, and Parker, and master of Grace the Border Collie—the official breed of CCE. He and his wife founded Veritas Press to provide classical Christian educational materials for homeschools and Christian schools and, more recently, to operate an online school. He has spoken in dozens of cities on classical Christian education. Additionally, he was involved in the formation of two ACCS charter member schools: Veritas Academy in Lancaster, PA, (1996) and The Geneva Schoolin Orlando, FL (1992). He serves on the National Board of ACCS and also enjoys playing golf

The Benefits of Classical Christian Education

Speaker: Marlin Detweiler

Marlin Detweiler will discuss the benefits of Classical Christian education and will motivate you to give your children the education you never had but wish you did.