Glow in the Dark Software

The Read Easy Reading Program is a computer program which helps children to read using the most used words in the English language.  The program also features word flash cards, dictionary, book marks and a workbook for extra learning.

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Parental Rights


Parental Rights educational materials promoting the Parental Rights Amendment.

Toccoa Falls College


Toccoa Falls College is a Christ-centered educational institution that prepares men and women for vocational and professional occupations. The college is located in the foothills of the northeast Georgia mountains. TFC currently offers 28 majors and 38 minors within three schools: Professional Studies, Arts and Sciences, and Christian Ministries.

Essentials in Writing


Essentials in Writing is a complete 1st – 12th grade, DVD based writing curriculum teaching students to effectively communicate through writing. Daily DVD lessons along with daily writing assignments give the student a complete grammar/writing credit. Rubrics and checklists are provided to assist in scoring compositions.

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STL Ocarina


We sell ocarinas, which are wonderful musical instruments. We also sell ocarina-related music education materials to help students.

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