Foldables for Learning

Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian

Discover how Foldables (3-D graphic organizers) can assist with building a learning log for all students. Participants will learn how Foldables can easily be implemented as a versatile strategy before, during, and after instruction as well as for projects and extension. This hands-on session will be an interactive demonstration and participants will leave with Foldables and ideas for immediate use. Fold, cut and glue your way to effective instruction at all levels.


Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian

Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian holds a Ph.D. in Human Development Across the Lifespan and currently works with Dinah Zike as Chief Operating Officer for her companies.

dinah zike is the new name for the educational publishing and consulting company owned by author/speaker Dinah Zike. The name change reflects a shift toward digital products. Dinah is known for her 3-D interactive graphic organizers, featured in all her publications.

Shirley Minster

Shirley Minster

Shirley M.R. Minster, M.S. Ed., is a Master Degree certified teacher who holds credentials in education, educational guidance, and counseling. Shirley has been a proactive supporter of homeschooling and individualized learning programs. She has used her credentials to advocate for families and their right to choose the educational program and setting that works best for them and their children. Shirley’s expertise and ability to look into a child’s development and the dynamics of the family, has guided many homeschooling parents to achieve success. As founder of Home education and Family Services and Royal Academy Education, she has been a leader in the field for more than 25 years.

Credit Recognition Transcripts and Preparing for College

Speaker:  Shirley Minster

We will discuss how to get your student ready for college. How to contact schools, opportunities for dual enrollment, and how we can help with credit recognition transcripts to smooth the way.