Transforming Struggling Readers to Excellent Readers in Months—Not Years!

Speaker: Dee Tadlock

“If we are to obtain results never before achieved, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted.” (Francis Bacon) Learn about Read Right, an innovative reading intervention program that challenges mainstream thinking in the field of reading and explains why so many students have reading problems. Research results will be presented, confirming the power of Read Right to dramatically transform struggling readers to excellent readers—in a matter of months, not years! This is possible because the methodology is in alignment with how the brain learns a process. Your son or daughter can access Read Right at home through real-time live tutoring via the internet.

Lynne Bellaire

Lynne Bellaire

Lynne is a 7 year homeschool mom. What she says about EIW, “I truly fell in love with Essentials in Writing when my son would not write at all and cried each time a writing assignment was given. As I started using Essentials in Writing with Level 3, there were no more tears, and he looked forward to writing every day.”

Bullet Proof Writing for Reluctant Writers – Understanding Reluctant Writers and Easy Techniques to Bullet Proof Your Child’s Compositions (Middle/Secondary Level)

Speaker: Lynne Bellaire

If you’re looking for a simple and easy way to make sure your reluctant writer produces quality writing, this workshop is for you. Stephens will share information to help you understand your reluctant writer and explain easy ways to get your reluctant writer on the road to writing success.

Finding Mentors to Help Your Students Build Successful Home Businesses

Speaker: Rhea Perry

After apprenticing with a godly, successful commercial roofer as part of his homeschool education, Rhea’s second son, Will, built a successful commercial roofing company. Instead of being employed, he employs others. If you have an entrepreneur in the house who would rather hire his friends to cut the neighborhood’s grass than do school, don’t miss this session, complete with insightful pictures. You will learn how to add business apprenticeships to your students’ educational portfolios to build character, leadership skills and financial literacy. If you want your children to seek God, pursue their dreams and learn to live financially free, don’t miss this unique session!

How to Educate Students to Impact the World with a Home Business

Speaker: Rhea Perry

When Drew Perry was 18, he started a business and brought his college-educated dad home from corporate America in just three years. He also created a system for selling houses on eBay in just 7 days, which he sold to investors. If you don’t know what to do with your budding entrepreneurs who think differently, make sure they don’t miss this story (with pictures) of how the Perrys educated their 7 children to live simply, glorify God with their natural talents, and build financial freedom doing what they love through home business.