Cultivating Men of Integrity

Speaker:  Doug Horsman

Young and old alike, men are abandoning their God, their churches, and their families in droves. How can parents stem this tide, beginning with their own sons? This workshop will cover a practical approach to cultivating lasting integrity in your young man.

Doug Horsman

Doug is a retired US Navy commander, formerly the executive officer of Naval Air Station Brunswick in Maine, and now serves as the Director of Campus Operations for the ALERT Academy. He is a homeschooling father with three graduates and one daughter still in school; his two sons are ALERT alumni.

ALERT Academy


The ALERT Academy is a Christian discipleship and service program that teaches young men to meet needs in times of crisis.

Traditional Irish Music & Dance– The Benefit of Traditional Arts in Childhood and Beyond!

Speaker:  Katherine Irwin Thomas


Join the Atlanta Irish Music School for Irish Music and Dancing. Learn about the benefits of adding traditional Irish arts curriculum and community to your child’s arts education. If you’re feeling burnt out on Brahms– join us to learn about active music learning in a quality alternative arts program.

Katherine Irwin Thomas

Katherine Irwin Thomas

Katherine Irwin Thomas is a professional Music Educator, certified traditional Irish Music Instructor and gifted fiddler. She has 16 years experience teaching traditional Irish arts to children– including her own! Katherine was honored as a ‘Star of the South’ by Irish America Magazine and has been published twice in STRINGS magazine. She current teaches classical violin & piano in Alpharetta, Georgia and is the director and lead instructor of The Atlanta Irish Music School in Roswell, Georgia.