Whining Children

Speaker: Charlotte Ellard
What do we do with whiny children? What do we learn from whiney children? Why does our youngest child seem to be the whiniest? A mother of 12 children who is still helping her family conquer whiney attitudes, Charlotte shares promising discernments from over 33 years of prayerful parenting.

Organization: How Do You Do It All?

Speaker: Charlotte Ellard
Confessions of a mom of 12 homeschooled children. School, laundry, meals, chores, cleaning, household business and budgets. This is the testimony of one family’s pilgrimage with the hope that you glean some tips and come away greatly invigorated on your homeschooling journey.

Managing Multiple Levels of Learning and Maturity at the Same Time

Speaker: Charlotte Ellard
Mother of 12 homeschooled children (spanning a 20 year age difference,) offers encouragement for tackling preschoolers alongside high school. Insight for embracing our situations and maximizing our blessings, including sibling rivalry! Tips from successes and mistakes of a seasoned homeschooling mom.

Well Prepared High School Students

Speaker: Charlotte Ellard
Whether your child pursues college or a career straight from high school, being sure they are well prepared is a daunting task. Learn keys to smooth transitions, admirable interviews, and admission portfolios from a mom of 7 college graduates who is also now a college admissions counselor.

What is “Critical Thinking”, and Can Anyone Do It?

Speaker: Tom Clark
Are your students learning passively, or are they involved in concept development? Are they figuring things out for themselves, or are they just learning tricks and shortcuts? Come brainstorm with Tom Clark, founder of VideoText Interactive, and author of “Algebra: A Complete Course”, and “Geometry: A Complete Course”, as he humorously explores with you, the reasons instruction can be difficult, developing along the way, a list of benchmark signals, and strategies which will help students “think” critically and analytically.