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Don Brown Books


Using Don Brown’s national bestseller TREASON as a teaching resource, the HOME SCHOOL/CHRISTIAN SCHOOL GUIDE TO TREASON fills a gaping void in Christian and Homeschool Curricula. For the first time, in lawyer like precision and in clear and logical form, your student will begin learning the true, original-intent basis of the First, Second, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendments to the Constitution. Teach your students to rise and combat false legal doctrines advanced by the enemies of the Gospel masquerading under the deceptive charade of legal expertise.

Algebra and Geometry: A Fresh Approach


We have Algebra and Geometry textbooks as well as supplemental resources.

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Breaking the Barrier

breaking the barrier

Breaking the Barrier publishes French and Spanish textbooks that are ideal for high school, college, and homeschoolers. Tests, teacher editions, audio and online resources support the program. An iPad version is now available!

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Paige Timer


Paige Timer, the daughter of a pastor and lover of music and theater, is passionate about building relationships and strives to lead others to engage and invest in the lives of those around them. A self-titled free spirit, Paige is an encourager who loves helping parents discover tools for leading their families toward success. She and her husband, Josh, have been homeschooling their two children for the past eight years. They now work for My Father’s World, where Paige is a curriculum consultant and speaker.