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Award-winning Author, Speaker and Producer Jenny L. Cote developed an early passion for God, history and young people, and beautifully blends these passions together in her two fantasy fiction series, The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz® and Epic Order of the Seven®. Likened to C.S. Lewis by book reviewers and bloggers, Jenny provides creative writing workshops at schools, homeschool groups and universities across the US and abroad. The Amazing Tales of Max and Liz® is a two-book prequel series that begins the adventures of brave Scottie dog Max and brilliant French cat Liz through the stories of Noah’s Ark and Joseph. Book One: The Ark, the Reed, and the Fire Cloud (2009 Gold Award in the Readers Favorite Awards for Children’s Chapter Books) is in pre-production for animated feature film adaptation, DVD school curriculum and VBS program development. Book Two: The Dreamer, the Schemer and the Robe (2010 Readers Favorite Gold Award, Children’s Chapter Books) brings Max, Liz and friends to work behind the scenes in the life of Joseph in the land of Egypt. The Epic Order of the Seven® series begins with Book One: The Prophet, the Shepherd, and the Star, where Max, Liz and the gang have a crucial seven-hundred year mission to impact the lives of Isaiah, Daniel jenny-cote-smalland those in the Christmas story (2011 Readers Favorite Gold Award, Christian Historical Fiction.) Her fourth novel, The Roman, the Twelve, and the King unfolds the childhood, ministry and passion of Jesus Christ with a twist – his story is told within the story of George F. Handel composing Messiah. Jenny gained unprecedented access to Handel House Museum in London to write in Handel’s composing room for this book and won the 2012 Readers Favorite Five Star and Bronze Awards for Christian Historical Fiction. She is working on three more books in the series, covering Paul in Acts, Patrick Henry and the Revolutionary War, and C.S. Lewis and WWII. Jenny’s passion for research has taken her to London, Oxford (to stay in the home of C.S. Lewis, the Kilns), Ireland, Paris, Normandy, Rome, Israel, and Egypt. Her books are available online and in stores around the world, as well as in multiple e-book formats (Kindle, Nook, etc.). Although written with children in mind, Jenny’s readership heavily comprises adults.

A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Jenny holds two marketing degrees from the University of Georgia and Georgia State University. Prior to writing her career focused on strategic planning and marketing, specifically in healthcare at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. She now writes and speaks full time and lives in Roswell, Georgia, with her husband Casey and son Alex. Jenny is active in the Student Ministry at Dunwoody Baptist Church, and enjoys reading, research, museums, music, travel, fitness and finding any excuse she can to get to the beach.

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Parent Workshops

Jenny L. Cote, Award–winning Author, Speaker and Producer
Sigh, if only these words came flying out of your child’s mouth. Guess what? They can! One of my key objectives in providing creative writing workshops for kids across the country is getting them fired up about research. The #1 challenge I hear from educators is, “How can I make kids want to do research?” After showing over 20,000 kids how much fun research can be, I’m happy to give you parents the inside scoop. Get a mini-preview of my CHAIRS workshop where I focus on research, followed by Q&A on specific challenges you have.

Jenny L. Cote, Award–winning Author, Speaker and Producer
Are these words you think you’ll never hear from your child? Does it go more like this: “Writing is so boring! I hate writing!” Well never fear, I’m here to ease your pain. After speaking to over 20,000 kids on creative writing, I’ve learned a trick or two to make writing so much fun that kids can’t wait to get started on their next project. Educators have reported same day success:
“Your enthusiasm caught the children’s attention. Teachers said they saw an immediate improvement in the children’s journal writing, starting the day you were with us! It was a WONDERFUL day!”-Jeanne Borders, Administrator, Cornerstone Prep, Acworth, GA
Get a mini-preview of my CREATE workshop where I focus on research, followed by Q&A on specific challenges you have.

Kid Workshops by Jenny L. Cote

Opening with the popular “Black Coat Story,” Jenny humorously illustrates a really lame story, followed by a really colorful story. She explains how creative writing is like painting a picture in your mind and writing what you see. Animating animal figurines, Jenny brings colorful characters to life, and describes the importance and, yes, FUN of doing research! Learn how to weave in surprises, action, tension, and then end well.



“Pharaoh Cote” makes a grand costumed entrance and engages the students on the subject of dreams. She’ll be joined by costumed Joseph volunteers who act out the different stages in the life of Joseph for a vibrant discussion on the evolving arc of a character, complete with dynamite dialogue, reality checks for writing historical fiction, and how to use artistic license.



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The Picaresque of Imagine Purple

imagine purple

Ímagine Purple is back in Imasodes 3 & 4… Meet Ima and the history-mystery-adventure series author, Beth Fine. Investigate educational benefits of this wholesome series for readers 10 yrs & up.

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Picaboo Yearbooks

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Master Books

Master Books

Master Books is world’s largest publisher of creation-based resources for all ages including; homeschool, apologetics, and quality children’s literature. MB is the exclusive publisher to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis.

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