TextinaBottle.com is a web based teaching resource for homeschooled children. Using interesting and interactive features this site: – Enhances writing skills – Assists with historical learning – Encourages goal oriented behaviors – Teaches patience – Provides for creative self-expression Tools that aide in teaching include the following features: Time Capsule, Journal, Goal Setting, Vault and SOS. TextinaBottle.com is an engaging website that enhances the homeschool curriculum by allowing students to learn through real life applications. For more ideas on how to incorporate this amazing approach to learning ask a TextinaBottle Team member.

Visit: TextinaBottle – www.TextinaBottle.com

Great Parents Academy

GPA is a web-based application for children in K-5th grades that is highly personalized in teaching math and facilitates engaging communication between parents, teachers, extended family and the child.

Visit Website: Great Parents Academy – www.greatparentsacademy.com

Walton Wellness Inc

Get Charmed is a 5 week health adventure curriculum kit geared toward elementary age children. Each kit includes a colorful 32 page passport/workbook, a pack of 16 health related souvenir charms and a chain.

Visit Website: Walton Wellness – www.charmpassport.org

God Wrote You A Love Letter

“God Wrote You A Love Letter, an Encouraging, Chronological Introduction to the Bible” won the 2014 Christian Writers Award for Best New Bible Study. It is a 52 Week Study Guide; refreshing for adults and encouraging for seekers, new believers, small groups and HOMESCHOOLING :) Foundational truths answer pertinent questions so we will want to Love God Back because “we get to…we want to!” Prepare to live life bravely as you enjoy fulfilling the Greatness God created you for…right where you are ! This is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy this!

Education Play Station – North West Georgia

We offer Homeschool Groups, Hybrid School and Virtual Hybrid in which our certified teachers provide the planning, assignments and projects. Children have options to attend our facility 3 days/wk, weekly, monthly or not at all. We are an educational and therapeutic center in North West Georgia which offers playgroups, preschool, therapy, art, dance, tumbling, summer camps and so much more!

Visit Website: Education Playstation – http://www.educationplaystation.com