Kim Bedingfield

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Kim Bedingfield lives in Central Georgia with her husband where she homeschools her five children. Prior to her work as a homeschool mother, she received her BS in Education from University of Georgia and her MS degree in Speech Language Pathology from Vanderbilt University. Her background in child and language development has led her to investigate the strengths and weaknesses of many popular classical homeschool curriculums. Her goal in homeschooling and as a Veritas Press community director is to employ the classical method while engaging children with different learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. She has discovered that the many options offered by Veritas Press provide a rigorous academic experience that enables students to interact in the humanistic culture of our times while maintaining a solid Biblical foundation and worldview.

Help Your Student Transition Well From Middle School, to High School to College

Speaker: Mari Fitz-Wynn
Once our students leave the elementary grades, much of the fun field trips, crayon, crafts, and play days that occupied the majority of their days are past. Due dates, disciplined studies, independence and self motivation become the order of the day. Developing good work habits and study skills does not happen overnight. Join Mari as she discusses ways to effectively help your student prepare for each stage of their educational development, from start to finish.

10 Reasons Your Home School May Be at a Plateau

Speaker: Mari Fitz-Wynn
Has your home school reached a state of little or no change after a time of activity or progress. Come learn a few tips to avoid or help keep your home school from plateauing out.

It’s Perfectly Fine Not to Have a Perfect Home School (Failing with successful results)

Speaker: Mari Fitz-Wynn
There is no perfect pathway to home education; there will be gaps the key is to determine where thee gaps will be and when or if we choose to fill them in.

Take Heart 26 Steps to a Healthy Home School

Speaker: Mari Fitz-Wynn
Home Schooling is not for the faint of heart, while deeply rewarding, home schooling takes hard work, dedication and planning. It’s a full time job and burnout is all too common among home school families.Join Mari as shares valuable lessons she learned about creating , building, and establishing a home school that is happy , healthy , and full of heart.