Help! My Curriculum is Crushing My Homeschool

Speaker: Alice Reinhardt
We often forget that our curriculum is simply a tool in our homeschooling journey. When we encounter struggles or difficulties, the tendency is to view those struggles rooted in difficult, lazy or unmotivated children rather than in the curriculum of choice. It is important to remember that the ‘right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. Using something as basic as potty training can help give parents a guideline to determine if in reality, their curriculum is the culprit.

Grandparents, Homeschooling Parents and Grandkids; How to Make it All Work

Speaker: Alice Reinhardt
The role of grandparenting in this homeschooling journey is somewhat like uncharted waters. For some, grandparents are confused or antagonistic. Other grandparents offer the wrong kind of support or opinion, even to the point of control. Parents may struggle with boundaries and expectations and might not know how to incorporate this generational tool into their homeschooling. From a homeschooling mom and grandmother, you can learn how to establish a healthy common ground that is a win-win for your homeschool experience.

Alice Reinhardt


Alice Reinhardt wears the hats of wife, homeschooling pioneer, adoptive mom, entrepreneur and grandmother. Alice and Mark have 7 children; two adopted from Liberia. They began their homeschooling journey in the “pioneer days” of the early 80s. Well past the old questions of “is it legal” and “what about socialization”, Alice now fields questions from the next generation, offering support to her grown children as well as homeschoolers she meets as their business, Rhino Technologies travels across the US. Rhino Technologies was formed by Mark and Alice and their entire family in 2000 to offer audio and video recording, production and duplication to conferences such as homeschooling, organic farming and adoption, to name a few. They have met literally thousands of families over the years and developed long-standing relationships with many attendees, speakers, and conference organizers. Alice believes the current generation of homeschoolers and parents need the vulnerability and transparency of those who have made mistakes along the way, while she herself would like to understand more of the needs of the millennial generation. With grand baby number NINE making its appearance in 2016, Alice brings a multi-generational viewpoint to the topics she discusses and the families with whom she interacts. Alice’s passions are for Christ, her family and ministering to young moms of which she once was and knows firsthand the reality of the struggle.

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Synchronized Family Devotions – Getting the Entire Family Involved

Speaker: Brett Allen

In this session, participants will encounter fresh ideas for implementing daily devotions in which each member of the family can participate. Word of Life missionary Brett Allen will explain how the Word of Life quiet time resources enhance family devotions by providing: • Age-appropriate exercises for all members of the family, from pre-school to adulthood • Synchronized readings of Scripture that focus all members of the family on the same passages of Scripture daily • A six-year scope and sequence, providing opportunities to explore every segment of the Scriptures over a six year cycle • An introduction of prayer journaling as a way to encourage all members of the family to grow in the discipline of fervent prayer • Application questions that create opportunities for family discussion of the Scriptures In addition, participants will hear testimony from Home School parents who have successfully integrated these tools in their family. You will hear from people who know the value of synchronized family devotions.