It’s Perfectly Fine Not to Have a Perfect Home School (Failing with successful results)

Speaker: Mari Fitz-Wynn
There is no perfect pathway to home education; there will be gaps the key is to determine where thee gaps will be and when or if we choose to fill them in.

Take Heart 26 Steps to a Healthy Home School

Speaker: Mari Fitz-Wynn
Home Schooling is not for the faint of heart, while deeply rewarding, home schooling takes hard work, dedication and planning. It’s a full time job and burnout is all too common among home school families.Join Mari as shares valuable lessons she learned about creating , building, and establishing a home school that is happy , healthy , and full of heart.

The Difficult Resistant Child

Speaker: Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
The resistant child can be a nightmare to educate. Today’s resistant child could become tomorrow’s steadfast and reliable adult. Hear other parents discuss how they brought about real change without crushing the tender hearts of their child.

Ways to Improve the Education of Gifted Children

Speaker: Randi St.Denis / Homeschooling Mom of 7 / Director, Home Educators Encouragement Alliance
Discover ways to help gifted children to achieve their potential without self destructing from stress. Gifted kids are children too! Sometimes they are more mature than anyone else & sometimes they are more babyish than anyone else. Learn secrets to pacing gifted children, encouraging them to tackle tough scenarios, helping them learn resilience when they hit a wall, & helping them to develop better social skills.

Struggling Learners

Speaker: Randi St. Denis
Bringing 30 years experience with Homeschooling all types of special needs children, Randi St.Denis, homeschooling mother, tutor, and special needs advocate gives parents loads of information for homeschooling success. Learn how to choose materials, use technology to speed learning, improve visual, auditory, sensory motor and social issues, and set realistic and attainable goals. Famous for her student’s high educational success rates, Randi has many special needs students who have gone on to become successful college students and employees. Start early and set your child on the path that leads to success.