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Are You Training Your Child To Complain?

Do you find yourself second guessing the amount of work you assigned your child based on their moaning and groaning? You know your child’s capabilities and have given out the assignments. As time passes your student is taking a long time and starts appeals of, “It’s too much writing and my hand hurts! All my assignments are long today, can you shorten some? I’ll never get this done in time.”

There are times to reevaluate, but do not let your child regularly manipulate you into changing your mind about the day’s lesson plan. If it works once, they’ll try again and a bad habit of complaining has started.

Be encouraged, if this has already started as a pattern in your homeschool you have the power to turn it around. Stand firm for a few days and your children will come to know that you have a NO WHINING HOMESCHOOL ZONE!

Homeschooling 101

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Workshop: How to Teach a Child to see God in Nature

Title: How to Teach a Child to see God in Nature

Speaker/Affiliation: Nancy Riddle/Him Visible

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 12:30 PM

Description: This workshop will examine some of the reasons why children cannot see God in nature. It shares Nancy Riddle’s revelations & their impact on her discovery of God in nature. Together the workshop explores how seeing God in nature impacts a child’s life. Many of the techniques that Nancy used in her classroom are revealed. Many examples of the “double meanings” of animals & plants are discussed. Many “aha” connections will be found. You will learn how to teach a child to expand the observed relationships to other areas of life. Tips on how to utilize these principles in various science courses are given. You will be taught how to use these principles in subjects other than science. The importance of “questions” in teaching will be amplified. Of everything taught in elementary school, teaching a child to see God in nature may have the most profound impact on their life. (Room 110)

Workshop: Georgia 4H Environmental Education

Title: Georgia 4H Environmental Education

Speaker/Affiliation: Melanie Biersmith/Georgia 4H Environmental Education

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 1:45 PM

Description: Georgia 4-H EE has provided high quality field studies for 30 years. Come learn how this program can enhance the three R’s in your classroom! The Georgia 4-H Environmental Education Program has provided high quality day & residential field studies for 30 years. Using the outdoors as a classroom without walls, K-12th grade students can experience specific ecosystems of our five 4-H Centers located from the mountains to the sea! Understanding that the best field studies enhance & complement in-school curricula, Georgia 4-H EE has correlated all of its programming to the Georgia Performance Standards. We have also paid attention to the 3 R’s: rigor, relevance, & relationships. Our programs are a natural fit. Participants will learn about our tradition of excellence as well as how to plan an effective field study. Door prizes will be provided. (Room 110)

Workshop: How to Teach Latin

Title: How to Teach Latin

Speaker/Affiliation: Tanya Charlton/Memoria Press

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 1:45 PM

Description: This workshop takes the teacher through the basics of teaching a Latin course using Memoria Press’ First Form Latin. It will also teach the parent with no Latin background how to teach Latin successfully. (Room 105)

Workshop: Work at Home as Medical Transcriptionist

Title: Work at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist

Speaker/Affiliation: Deborah Burns/The Medical Transcription Service

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 1:45 PM

Description: If you want to choose your own hours, have a business at home, work for our service, find clients easily & make great money, this class will get you started. Learn about the career, how to learn medical terms, equipment needed & much more. (Room 112)