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Workshop: Georgia 4H Environmental Education

Title: Georgia 4H Environmental Education

Speaker/Affiliation: Melanie Biersmith/Georgia 4H Environmental Education

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2010, 1:45 PM

Description: Georgia 4-H EE has provided high quality field studies for 30 years. Come learn how this program can enhance the three R’s in your classroom! The Georgia 4-H Environmental Education Program has provided high quality day & residential field studies for 30 years. Using the outdoors as a classroom without walls, K-12th grade students can experience specific ecosystems of our five 4-H Centers located from the mountains to the sea! Understanding that the best field studies enhance & complement in-school curricula, Georgia 4-H EE has correlated all of its programming to the Georgia Performance Standards. We have also paid attention to the 3 R’s: rigor, relevance, & relationships. Our programs are a natural fit. Participants will learn about our tradition of excellence as well as how to plan an effective field study. Door prizes will be provided. (Room 110)

Workshop: The Relevance of Genesis in Biblical Instruction

Title: The Relevance of Genesis in Biblical Instruction

Speaker/Affiliation: Polly Brown/Answers In Genesis

Date and Time: Friday, July 30th, 2o10, 4:15 PM

Description: Why does compromise in Genesis undermine all future Bible teaching? Understand the negative impact and devastating implications if you allow the book of Genesis to be misinterpreted. (Room 119)