teenleadershipconference-bevelAt the Teen Leadership Conference, your child will be challenged to think hard about their faith and how it applies to the modern predicament. Students ages 13 and above are treated like real people who wrestle with real issues — and who need answers that match the real world. Students will learn about modern day issues including politics, science, and worldviews! Also, students learn about economic issues and entrepreneurship. Parents are always welcome to attend, too. The Teen Leadership Conference is unlike any other!

Date, Time, Location:
  • Friday & Saturday, July 28-29, 2017
  • 10 AM to 3 PM
  • Cobb Galleria Centre
Cost Per Adult:
  • $25 Online / $35 at the door

Teen Leadership Conference Speakers:

daphnenicelyDaphne Nicely – Daphne and her husband Dean have four adult children and one grandson. Not only did Daphne own and operate a thriving daycare and afterschool childcare service in California, but each of their children have experienced a variety of educational options (including but not limited to public schools, charter schools, and preparatory academies). Their youngest child, DeidreHannah, is a homeschooled honor student who graduated in 2013. Daphne has served in various leadership capacities at One Heart Church such as: Assistant to the Children’s Minister, Childcare Provider, Student Ministry Chaperone, Missions Lead Team Committee member and as a member of OHC Praise, amongst others. She’s committed to seeing hearts, minds, and lives transformed by God through the power of the Holy Spirit for “life” and the Lord Jesus Christ. In 2007, Daphne left over 20 years of corporate America for full-time missions and ministry service, Daphne was called to volunteer and shortly thereafter serve on staff at APRC in the spring of 2007. Daphne’s passionate about the sanctity of all human life, sexual risk avoidance, abortion recovery, and serving at risk and underserved people groups, especially young people and children. Not limited to local missions, she also serves internationally in Romania, which she now considers home. Making 11 trips of differing lengths over the past 10 years, the Lord united her two passions as Romania has a generation of marginalized orphans and the second highest abortion rate in the world. A certified Zumba® Instructor since 2007, Daphne enjoys birding, going for walks, and reading fantasy books aloud with DeidreHannah. Daphne was recognized by Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine as a 2015 Superwoman for her service and contributions to the community.

 Joshua RexfordJoshua has been involvedrexford in ministry and teaching since 2008 and has been the youth director at Church of the Open Door since January, 2014. He has been in leadership positions as an organizer for the Young Adult Fellowship (YAF) meetings, a children’s church leader (Westwood Baptist Church), a history and theatre teacher (FAITH Homeschool Co-op) and the founder and organizer of F.A.I.T.H. Players (a homeschool drama group). He has studied and loved history all of his life and teaches extensively on it in both homeschool and church settings. Joshua is married to the love of his life, Tabitha. His interests include history, film, theatre and goofing off with and teaching children of all ages.

Grace Dyson

Grace Dyson – Grace Dyson is the founder of Life Design Careers (LDC), Inc. LDC is a career development company committed to helping people uncover and move with intention toward desired career goals. Grace works with all ages, however, she has a special focus on high school and college students. She is a Career Direct Consultant and a career speaker, author and trainer for colleges, youth groups and other events. Grace began her career at Turner Broadcasting & Cable News Network (CNN) in Atlanta, as a Video Journalist (VJ). VJ’s ran camera and performed other studio production functions for the network’s live news and sports programs. During CNN’s most memorable news events, Grace held several technical operations, editorial and leadership positions including Director, CNN Editorial Operations with responsibility for the main CNN newsroom. Transitioning to CNN Director of Training, she established CNN’s first technology training department. As Director in Turner’s Business Excellence division, Grace was responsible for various performance excellence, leadership, and workforce development programs for the technology groups.While in these roles, Grace creatively cultivated a passion for helping individuals discover and move toward their work and career goals. Grace has a BA in Broadcast Production from Howard University and an MBA from Georgia State University. She holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is also certified in Career Management Coaching from the Career Coach Academy and Human Resources-Organizational Development from the University of Georgia.

Teen Leadership Conference Session Titles & Times:


10:00 AM – The Power of Storytelling – Joshua RexfordHappy guys and girls expressing happiness
As humans we’ve been fascinated with stories since time immemorial. From the visual stories painted in the caverns at Lascaux, to the riveting plays of William Shakespeare, to the modern epics of writers like C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien no matter time or culture we find stories and storytelling at the very heart of who we are as humans. In the 21st century, especially, we find ourselves constantly surrounded by stories and with more access to them than at any other time in history! This is exciting but stories aren’t just prevalent, they’re powerful, and we must understand this power if we are to successfully navigate and fully appreciate the stories around us. Join writer, Joshua Rexford, as he explores the reasons why we are so drawn in by a well told tale and examines what makes a tale worth telling.

11:00 AM – Don’t touch the “but”! – Daphne Nicely
Since before The Fall, people have been tempted to touch the “but”. Every choice has consequences – some good and some bad. Let’s take a look at how to make good choices!

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – WHO am I? WHERE are people like me? – Grace Dyson
Session 1 will cover the first two phases: Assessment and Discovery.Sample activities: Fun self-assessment exercises covering skill and interest areas. The students will be able
to self-select major areas of interest. Discovery will cover how those skill and interest areas tie to professions. It will also cover good ways to research and gain experience in desired areas even as a middle or high school student.

2:00 PM – Leader or Follower: Which One Are You? – Daphne Nicely
Let’s examine the absolute truth of God’s Word against the often diametrically opposed messages of this world.



10:00 AM – All the World’s a Stage… Now You Need a Script – Joshua Rexford
Join theatre teacher and playwright, Joshua Rexford, as he reveals the essentials of storytelling. Whether for stage, screen or print, great stories have certain things in common that take them out of their media and into the hearts and minds of their audiences. Learn how characters, setting, description and many other elements must come together to take a story from creative to classic!

11:00 AM – WHAT do I need to learn? WHEN am I ready and HOW will I get there? – Grace Dyson
Session 2 will cover how to create a development and transition plan for high school to college and college to career. Sample activities (time permitting): Tying college activities to future jobs, Applying for Internships, Resumes and Job Search, Interviews, Transitioning from Student to Employee, Participants will leave with a starting plan they can use and continue to update.

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Can You Keep a Secret?  – Daphne Nicely
Are you a Sounding Board, the Keeper of the Secrets, or someone’s confidante? Do people think you’re a good listener or come to you for advice? What do you do and how do you process what you’ve been told? Let’s talk about what secrets not to keep and who should you tell.

2:00 PM – Act Your Character Not Your Age – Joshua Rexford
Probably the most commonly experienced form of storytelling in our culture is the screen. From Youtube, to T.V. , to the Movie theater we are enthralled as actors take characters from the pages of a script and bring them to life in front of our eyes. In this hands on workshop Writer, Actor, and Director Joshua Rexford will teach you the basics of the craft and examine what it really takes to bring a character to life.

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