Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

Randi St. Denis is available to  speak to:

  • Women’s groups
  • Church groups
  • Homeschool support groups/events
  • MOPS groups
  • Special Needs groups

Contact us to schedule Randi St. Denis at any of your events.  Some of her most popular topics are listed below.


  • Enjoy Raising and Educating Your Children – Children are so very precious and moms and dads want to raise them right, but often feel overwhelmed by the magnitude and pressures of daily responsibilities.  No two families are alike – that is a very good thing!  The world needs all kinds of children raised and educated in many kinds of ways.  When it comes to children – one size does not fit all.  Randi strips away the unrealistic expectations conveyed by television, magazines, and how-to-books and exposes the behind the scenes sheer pleasures and true joys of raising and educating children.
  • Help! My Kids Are Out of Control! – Desperate parents often turn to counselors, television help shows, or parenting books. Sadly, parents learn that many professionals regularly deliver alarmingly bad advice; making bad situations worse, not better. When society forgets good parenting rules, it turns to gimmicks and quick fix schemes such as shunning, dunce caps, sticking children in the corner, and time outs that are not only ineffective but also damaging to the parent/child bond. Learn to stop chaotic home life and turn bad situations into stories of redemption and salvation for the family.
  • Train and Discipline Children Without Ruining Your Family Relationship – Some parents fall into a hopeless rut of constant warnings, yelling, or taking privileges and objects away from their children in an effort to get them to behave. Discover the unique relationship between training and discipline and preserve parent/child relationships by avoiding common parenting pitfalls.
  • Parenting Success with All Kinds of Children – Never trust a parenting expert who thinks all children can be raised in the same way! Some parents’ very first child is difficult and they become immediately overwhelmed, promising themselves that they will never have any more children because children are too difficult. Other parents believe they have all the parenting knowledge because their children are so easy to raise and have never given them much difficulty. That is, until Terrible Tommy, comes along! Often, parents are stumped when they have a truly unique child and all their parenting skills seem to no longer work. Receive helpful advice and answers to parent’s questions on different kinds of children.
  • Working with the Difficult Child
  • Troubled Teen
  • Women and Marriage
  • Help! My Husband’s No Help
  • The Marriage Dance – What Wives Should and Shouldn’t Do


  • Organize Your Homeschool to Make Life Much Easier
  • Get Organized! – Watching organization shows is like watching workout shows; once you’ve watched the show, you feel like you have done the work. Problem is – nothing in the house has changed! An organized home makes family life and raising children much more pleasant. But, it is possible to attempt to be too organized and this can make a family feel enslaved. Learn what will work for your home and what organization tips to leave behind.
  • Dreaming or Doing: How to Actually Achieve What You Desire to Do – Buying curriculum, reading homeschooling books, and best intentions, while all good don’t actually get your children taught and the chores done.  Don’t be defeated before you get started!  Moms can easily fall into the trap of spending loads of time preparing to homeschool and not much time actually homeschooling.  Life just gets in the way of achievement.. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Learn ways to accomplish you dreams even if you have never been successful before.


  • Tricks for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division – Some students struggle with computations and remembering number facts.  Learn how to enhance understanding and consolidate operations so that your child has a clearer understanding and a simpler way to remember.
  • A Better Way to Teach Fractions, Decimals and Percents – The number one issue in Algebra success is the ability to manipulate fractions.  Randi shows simple ways to teach fractions, decimals, and percents using any mathematics curriculum.  Through simple reminders, even the most forgetful students can have math success.
  • Choose the Right Math Book – Randi’s passion is to raise the proficiency of homeschooled math students.  Not all math products are equal; in fact many math materials are downright mediocre!  Learn to choose math textbooks that are clear, accurate, up to date, and a good fit for your child.
  • Math Alternatives for High School Students – Most parents do not realize that there are many great math textbooks that teach math from the perspective of real jobs like electrical, home building, electronics, etc.  Learn about math materials that are good alternatives to traditional Geometry and Algebra courses.

Language Arts

  • How to Write an Essay – Middle school, high school, and college classes require essays, yet many students and parents don’t know where to begin.  College professors have said that the greatest deficiency in today’s student is the inability to present a correctly written essay.  Randi presents a small list of important reference books and simple step-by-step instructions that make essay writing easy and successful.
  • Don’t Miss the Great Literature – One of the greatest pleasures of homeschooling is having the time to read great books.  Many literature books steal students’ valuable time with mediocre stories and dreary, disconnected details.  Randi shows parents where the really great literature books are and gives tips on finding excellent book lists for more reading.  Most of us don’t have the time to read the mediocre, because we will never get to the really life changing stories.  Don’t miss the good stuff!


  • History in a Nutshell – Randi believes that learning about history begins with understanding the times in very simple ways.  More than a timeline approach, Randi helps parents discover ways to spark students’ interest whether they are 7 or 17.  When parents and students grasp certain principles of history, they are more able to remember and categorize historical periods with less memorizing. Participants will also learn how to pull together exciting materials in ways that require minimal effort.


  • Easy and Fun Ways to Learn Science in Grades 1-6 – Go Ahead!  Get Dirty!  Engaging young learners in Science sets the stage for future hobbies and careers.  Many parents are overwhelmed and frankly hate to think about activities that require more than a workbook and a pencil.  Randi believes parents can learn to appreciate and yes! even enjoy doing learning stuff with their kids.  With just a small amount of planning and preparation, parents can excite and reward their children with the hands on science learning most children crave.
  • Considering Middle and High School Science, Should it be Math Based? – Preparing our youngsters to be successful in tomorrow’s careers is critical in middle and high school.  Our children are growing up in a tremendous time, an era that is possibly greater than any other previous era (environmentally speaking).  Robots in all areas; home, business, and medicine will require tomorrow’s employee to have greater math skills than previously needed.  For this reason, parents should carefully plan their children’s math instruction and work to broaden their technical abilities.  Participants will learn how to help their children become mathematically and technologically adept.

Special Needs

  • Reading and Spelling (One Day Training Workshop) – Participants are trained in Orton Gillingham based methods including Wilson Language Training Materials.  Topics include, what to do after a child learns to read, improving tracking, fluency, and vocabulary.
  • Advanced Reading and Spelling (One Day Training Workshop) – After the struggling child begins to read, there are many new challenges. These new challenges often require thoughtful attention, encouragement and continued effort.  Learn how to improve tracking, fluency, reading rate, spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and independence.
  • Gifted Students


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