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Sam and Jasmine are hosts of The Sam and Jasmine Show podcast that helps parents improve in their relationship, communication and bond with their children. On their podcast, they have covered a wide range of topics that have encouraged and challenged many parents around the country. They have interviewed many of today’s Christian leaders as it pertains to family (Kirk Cameron, Melissa Joan Hart, David and Jason Benham, and members of the Duck Dynasty Family). Sam has worked for 10 years in child welfare and has worked with over 1000 families in helping them deal with their problems and struggles. He is also a Youth and Children’s Minister at Talmo Baptist Church in Talmo, Georgia. He also has been featured on the nationally syndicated morning show for Today’s Christian Music (Doug and Jaci Velasquez). Jasmine is 18 years old. She is a black belt in karate, an instructor at Hebron School of Karate, a worship leader in her church and is often sought out by those who are hurting and struggling in life.


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