Brainy Bytes – N Atlanta

Homeschool Technology Classes for students of all ages. Robotics, Video Game Creation, App Game Dev, Movie Making, Web Design and more.

Brainy Bytes prides itself in offering programs that give kids a mental playground where they can explore and create! We offer a variety of classes including robotics, stop-motion animated movie making and game creation. Programs are conveniently located in the Cherokee and Cobb counties with homeschool and after school programs as well as workshops, camps and birthday parties.

Want to increase your students’ potential for success? Bits, Bytes and Bots understands the importance of cultivating students’ Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills to encourage higher achievements in school, career and life. We know educators want to help prepare every student for a successful future in a technology-driven, worldwide economy. With Bits, Bytes and Bots programs your students will: Acquire STEM skills while using critical thinking, problem solving, team work, ingenuity and communication skills to solve real life issues. Engage in technology through exploring Robotics, Movie Making and Game Creation. Through our cross-curricular courses, students will appreciate that technology is exciting and start on a path to inspired future learning.


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