Canton Homeschool Resources

*Canton Homeschool Resources (CHR) offers a variety of services and classes for kindergarten through 12th grade students. * We have hybrid and individual classes with low student to teacher ratios for students in all grades. *We provide hands on secular and Christian based courses taught by certified teachers. *Students may elect to get a GAC (Georgia Accreditation Commission ) accredited transcript or a homeschool transcript at CHR. *Yearbook, student council, school dances, and field trips are some of the optional activities we have for students. *Dual enrollment support programs are available for high school students. *We offer independent study classes where students work with their parent at home but have the guidance, assistance, and tutoring from a teacher at CHR. *Standardized testing, curriculum selection assistance, transcript services, and tutoring are also available to our families. *Customization and individualization is what we do at CHR. Let us know how we can help you .

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