Dr. Debby Mitchell

Dr. Debby Mitchell has her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction in Physical Education and recently retired from teaching in the College of Education at University of Central Florida as an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Sports and Fitness. She has 38 years experience in physical education, coaching, fitness and health with research interests including brain research, developmentally appropriate movement activities and music, dance, children’s wellness, obesity and integrating technology into the curriculum.

She founded a company called GeoMotion Group due to her passion to encourage people to be excited about physical activity. She promotes a love for movement by keeping activities simple, safe and fun. Dr. Mitchell and her staff work with schools that want to improve learning and increase physical activity. Her programs are in over 15,0000 schools and she has trained over 800 pre-service teachers, over 3,000 educators at conferences, in addition to publishing and delivering keynotes.


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