Emily Goodwin

Emily is a mom on a mission. A mission to help other moms discover that being green doesn’t have to be hard, or expensive! She hasn’t always been so green, but was, in a way, forced into her green ways.

Her  journey to the greener side began in 2005, years before she had children, when she came down with a mysterious illness that caused bruising and swelling of her legs and feet. She knew she was in trouble when during a visit to yet another specialist (this time a dermatologist) they ordered a chest x-ray. However, that was a doctor visit that changed her life. She left that visit in tears not understanding what was going on with her body. However, her determined personality and love for research sent her into the “green” world for the first time. She went home and opened the one book that always had answers for her when everyone else had none: her Bible. She started studying what God said about how we are to take care of our body and then compared that to modern research and that is when her quest fully began. Shortly thereafter she adopted some new dietary guidelines and did a whole body cleanse. Within two weeks her mysterious illness was completely gone and she was hooked.

In December of 2006, Emily learned that she was pregnant with her first child  and  immediately began researching and planning to have a healthy, green pregnancy as well as how to raise a healthy child. Since then her knowledge has grown in great ways and she found many friends asking her how she did what she did. In early 2009, Emily gave birth to her second son, 5 weeks premature. It was that experience that ignited a passion in her to start sharing her knowledge with other moms and in the fall of 2009 Emily started Mommy Secrets. Mommy Secrets began as a small local retail and consulting business where Emily sold some of her favorite products. Her favorite part of owning her business was teaching other moms how easy and fun it was to raise healthy families. She began speaking at several different moms groups and community events.

Mommy Secrets grew substantially over the next several years into an online store and then in 2011, after a completely unmedicated water birth with her third son Emily decided to open a brick and mortar retail store and learning center and she also launched Mommy Made Green as her personal blog. With the opening of the store she was given the opportunity to connect with other retailers all over North America and learned so much more about the “green” industry. As Mommy Secrets grew in success and Emily continued to make connections, she began to feel that she was being pulled away from her original desire to support and educate moms and more in the direction of managing a retail store. After much thought and consideration Emily decided to refocus her energy on those areas while maintaining her connections within the retail to world to be able to serve moms in a better way. She closed the doors to her retail business and launched full force into teaching, speaking, and writing.

Emily is constantly striving to find new ways to get healthy. At the beginning of 2013 she committed to get physical body back to health and encourage moms to do the same with her “Bikini After 3 Boys” campaign.  Mommy Made Green, has now become the center of Emily’s dream to help moms realize how easy it is to raise healthy, happy families. Emily can be found at home homeschooling and wrangling her three sons, working out at the gym, shopping at local markets, speaking at local businesses, or volunteering at her church. She makes it her mission to be on top of all the new trends and products in the natural parenting world, as well as to keep up to date with all the latest news pertaining to moms providing the healthiest environments possible for their children. It is her desire to provide a place for moms to come and feel supported and encouraged in their journey to the greener side.


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