Feeling Bogged Down? Refuse It!

The school year is whipping by and worries about progress sometimes cloud homeschooling skies at this point. It does not need to be that way. As home educators, we are accountable for our children’s education, but we must never forget, education is not all about the books. We teach children, not lessons. The academics of home education include a step-by-step process that requires discipline and diligence, but much more is learned along the way. Learning to persevere when a subject is hard (or just plain boring!) is a vital character lesson. While our children may argue that they will never use what they are learning (we said it, didn’t we?), we know they will encounter things in their future that will seem pointless too. Completing the task at hand is a valuable skill for life!

We must review our annual plans and evaluate progress toward completion, never let that be the engine of homeschooling. Monitoring progress allows us to see where more work may be needed or a schedule rearranged. It does not need to throw us into a pit of despair and fear. If you have never created a Mission Statement for your home education endeavor, let me encourage you to consider it. Vision is a great encouragement when the struggles and details of the homeschool year begin to drown us. As a family talk about what education means to you, discuss how the time together deepens your family bonds and teaches lessons public education cannot. Establish goals together and use the vision to pull you forward when you begin to feel bogged down. Home education is a lifestyle choice that builds children and families together. Enjoy it!


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