Four Steps to Creating an Official High School Transcript

Regardless as to where you are right now on your homeschool journey, looking ahead at preparing for those daunting college applications is prudent. Creating an official high school transcript seems like a herculean task……along with planning coursework and being sure your homeschooler meets your state’s graduation requirements. Deep breath!  Broken down into easy manageable tasks, we can get that transcript in place. Here’s how:

Concerned about creating your homeschoolers high school transcript? You don't have to be! Broken down step by step, here is what you need to create an official high school transcript.

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1 First things first: Find out the graduation requirements for your state. This is as easy as googling “New York State high school graduation requirements” and phoning your state education department to clarify any concerns. This is an excellent indication of what colleges are expecting of a high school graduate. There are “typical” high school course requirements for the average student in the United States including:

Math : 4 credits

Science: 3 or 4 credits  (usually including two lab classes)

English:  4 credits

History/Gov’t/ Economics/ Social Science: 3 credits (including US History and World History, plus one or two more)

Foreign Language:  1 to 2 credits

Electives: vary

P.E. / Arts: vary

Again, there are very broad, but generally typical, requirements.

2 Utilize a credit planner: This will be instrumental in helping you chart what courses your child needs to complete by graduation. I’ve found one right here at Five J’s ( ) that I find practical and extremely user friendly. In this way, you have a visual tracker of each course over the duration of your homeschooler’s high school career.

3 Research high school transcript styles & create your own:  This will help to determine how to logically construct and what to include in your official transcript. Primarily, transcripts are in  spreadsheet format and list courses, credits, grades for all four years of high school. HSLDA links to several sample transcripts for your perusal before building your own, as well as  transcript templates to personalize your child’s.:

4 It’s official! Be sure to include all your graduate’s important information, such as date of birth, address, phone number, date of graduation.  Place the name of your homeschool and your signature in prominent spots. Many veteran homeschoolers who have been “in the homeschool trenches” and down this high school – to –college path recommend  having the document notarized as well.

Good luck in your college preparation and admissions process and congratulations to the graduate and to you, homeschool Mom and Dad!

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