Joan Moon, Ed.D., C.N.M.

Joan Moon, Ed.D., C.N.M. will present to parents on how to teach daughters about women’s health in the home. She has practiced as a labor and delivery nurse, lactation consultant, Certified Nurse-Midwife, and university faculty member. As a midwife providing care for women, Dr. Moon became interested in how lack of knowledge impedes a woman’s ability to make personal and healthcare decisions. As an educator, she saw the challenges of learning about the menstrual cycle from a textbook. With support from the University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, Dr. Moon developed the computer-based, interactive module A Woman’s World: Discovering the Dynamic Menstrual Cycle. She has presented locally, nationally, and internationally , and has been well-received by healthcare providers, parents, and educators.. Dr. Moon lives in Bluffton, Indiana, with her husband. She continues to teach graduate nursing online, and is actively involved in her most recent project “The Gathering Place”, an online forum for women to meet and share their stories.


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