Kimberly Kulp

Kimberly Kulp, a teacher, mom, and lover of all things homeschool, has been involved in teaching and product development for elementary – higher education students for more than 15 years in the public, private, and homeschooling community. Kimberly has extensive experience with at-risk students who require more hands-on learning approaches, and is very passionate about interdisciplinary education, learning styles, and the integration of technology to enhance a student’s mastery of the subject, their creativity, and ability to make lasting human connections. As an adoptive mother, she is especially interested in sensory integration and kinesthetic learning for active, at risk and adopted children. Kimberly is also an avid writer writing for many different homeschooling, education, and parenting blogs and has been published with,, Sonoma Christian Home, Focus on the Family, and other Christian publications.

Kimberly blends her love of education, technology, and seeing God’s word come alive in the eyes of students who are learning at their own pace. In her free time, she likes to be outdoors with my 3 active children, read, drink coffee, and travel.


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