Lydia White

Lydia White is a wife of twenty-six years, a home-school mom of sixteen years, and an award winning author and public speaker. She is passionate about teaching women how to kick the chaos out of there castle and put peace back in their palace through marital coaching, and home and school organization. She and her husband, Dan, have three children whom they have home-schooled from the beginning of their educational experience. Two of their children are now successful adults and she is presently home-schooling their youngest child. Together, with her husband, Lydia has spoken at marriage conferences across the US. Lydia’s book “Chaos in the Castle or Peace in the Palace?” recently won the title of the number one book written on marriage by the Christian Author Awards-Fall 2015. She is a blogger at where she encourages women in their role as wife, mother, and keepers of the home. Her husband, Dan, has a ministry called Marriage Minute Men, a social media program meant to encourage men and enable them to strengthen their marriage and family in a minute’s notice. As a woman of faith, Lydia desires to help women become everything they were created to be according to their divine design and empower them to create peace in their homes by putting their relationships and lifestyle in order according to God’s amazing plan.


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