Mari Fitz-Wynn

Mari Fitz-Wynn is the President and Co-founder of Heart for Home School Ministries , Inc. founded in 2000 by Mari and her late husband P. Wynn. The 501 3(c) organization sponsor seminars and conferences to help home school families educate their children with confidence. For 3 years, Mari hosted the weekly radio program, “Heart for Home School.”and although Mari no longer hosts a weekly radio program, she offers advice and wisdom drawn from her many years of experience through short commentaries, “Home School Highlights,” which are aired throughout the day on WRTP HIS Radio stations. Mari has over 20 years of experience as a speaker, a home educator, a home school advocate and lobbyist for one of her state’s home school organizations. Her most fulfilling role however, is being the proud mom of 1 daughter and 5 sons who were home schooled.


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