Martha Fry

Martha has been homeschooling for nearly 20 years, guiding all six of her children in diverse academic pursuits. For most of those years, she has been a single parent and the primary financial support for her family.
Whether flying solo due to death, divorce, or deployment, Martha believes most single parents can successfully educate their children while maintaining the family home and paying the bills. And she loves to show them how!
For the single parent who is considering homeschooling or the homeschooling parent who is suddenly single, Martha will delve into the three R’s: resources, responsibilities, and realities. Learn where to get help, how to prioritize, and what to expect in a single parent homeschooling household.
An accountant turned journalist, Martha’s articles have appeared in major newspapers, including The Tampa Tribune, San Antonio Express-News, and the Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch. She is a regular contributor to Wealth Magazine and The Sound Opinion, a Featured Contributor in Business & Finance for Yahoo!, and a reviewer for Publisher’s Weekly. After several years of editing books for others, her own story, Not Alone – Single

Parenting with God’s Help, will be available this year.
With one daughter married, two in college (both on academic scholarships), she still homeschools John, 17, Emily 15, and Helen, 13.


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