Science Academy Mobile Science Lab

The Mobile Science Lab

The Science Academy Mobile Lab is a “walk on” interactive science museum in the Exhibit Hall at the Southeast Homeschool Expo. Children can go inside the lab for hands-on learning and see Equipment and items such as:

  • Oscilloscope to view electrical waves
  • Insects from around the world such as a blue morph butterfly from Peru
  • A large collection of rocks and minerals
  • A dozen microscopes for observations
  • A 15′ rock python skin from West Africa
  • A preserved diamond back rattlesnake
  • Preserved ocean animals include a horseshoe crab, octopus and squid
  • A preserved shark with baby pups
  • A dog skeleton (cast)
  • A baby T-Rex skeleton (cast)
  • Isaac Newton’s color wheel
  • Distilling apparatus
  • Trilobite, ammonite, megalodon, tooth, fern, and squid fossils
  • Preserved bats from Indonesia & Spain including a baby vampire bat
  • and more!


The Mobile Lab has been seen on 11Alive News!

For more information visit the Science Academy Mobile Lab website or Facebook page.


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