The Official American Standard Playing Cards

The 1-10 cards represent the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment is written on the on the 1(I) card and represents our independence, unlike the Ace (A) card which represents the Kings Empire. The Second Amendment is written on the 2 card etc. down to the Tenth Amendment The suits are Faith, Declaration, Revolution, and Unity. They replace the French suits; Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs. The Face cards are not Royals: (Jack, Queens and Kings) are foreign, not American. Our Face cards are represented by “We the People” (Gentlemen and Ladies)! Our Patriot replaces the king, not that they have power, but they have admiration of the People. The Gentleman replaces the jack, Lady replaces the queen and our Patriots replace the kings. Now that is AMERICAN! Written on the Face Cards, Jokers, and (4 wild cards) are clauses of the 18 Enumerated Powers of Congress. These are the only powers “We the People” relinquish to Congress through the Constitution. 99% of Americans have played the game Go Fish. 1% of Americans know what powers (liberties) they relinquished to Congress through Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. The people cannot hold their government accountable if they do not know what the government’s job is. Plan a family night and “Sow the Seeds of Liberty.” Play our version of Go Fish, (Liberty Match) with your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. You will ensure that the future generations of Americans will have the limited Constitutional powers of our government, and the rights of the people, in their hands.


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