The Revolt Trilogy – Dr. Patrick Johnston, Author

Dr. Patrick Johnston is a family practice physician, an author, a pro-life leader, and a homeschooling father of nine. His novels will inspire and equip young people to defend the faith, addressing even hostile inquiry with confidence. His one year Civics curriculum, The Revolt Trilogy Workbook, is based upon his political thriller Trilogy – The Revolt of 2020, The American Tyranny of 2020, and The Uncivil War of 2020. His popular novel The Lesser Hills of Kinder County promotes honor above passion, and waiting until marriage to kiss. His young adult novel Johnny and the Mystery of the Rusty Musket is a professionally-illustrated read-aloud that your kids won’t want you to stop reading. His theologically-rich novella Beating Grim shows how Christianity is superior to non-Christian worldviews, especially when it comes to handling death (and is not for the faint at heart). He has tracts and literature available on depression and anxiety, on marriage, on home-birthing, and on vaccinations. His most popular booklet is “Ten Ways to Rock Your Wife’s World” is available for a donation.

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