Tina Robertson

Tina Robertson celebrated the graduation of two of her sons, whom she homeschooled from the beginning. She is best known for co-authoring the New Bee Homeschooler program, a boot camp guide for new homeschoolers while conducting workshops for new homeschoolers in Texas. Besides her love for new homeschoolers, she has created the popular free 7 step curriculum planner, unit studies and lapbooks for all homeschoolers. In addition to homeschooling for many years, her family has recently enjoyed living abroad for a year and a half in South America. Her sons will always
remember trekking the Amazon rain forest. She is a lively and engaging speaker though she can’t sing, dance or craft, but loves history, geography and hands-on learning. Does organizing count as a hobby? Currently blogging at Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus, she is still in the homeschool trenches.


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