Homeschool Law

How Far has Homeschooling Come?

I have been homeschooling for 6 years, and honestly, I have never really thought about how far homeschooling has come. But, it has!


Homeschooling has grown leaps and bounds, and many of us enjoy the freedom of homeschooling without really thinking about those who fought for our right to enjoy it.

To Test or Not to Test?

If you live in a state where standardized testing is optional you may have asked yourself whether to test or not to test your children. I live in Ohio, we have two options for assessment each year we can give our children a standardized test, or opt for a teacher evaluated portfolio review. I have done both, and we honestly prefer testing. I know some cringe at that word, and that’s fine, but if you are on the fence here are some things to consider when wondering if you should test or not.

Homeschooling in Georgia: A Quick Guide

Homeschooling in Georgia

The state of Georgia is one of the best states to home school your child. Georgia’s laws are friendly to home schoolers and allow you a lot of freedom in the education of your child and minimal oversight.

Homeschool Law in Georgia

Homeschool Laws

One of the first questions everyone has about home education involves the law.  Every state has different regulations.  Learning the basics and staying current with proposed legislation is advisable.  The pioneers of home education literally risked the removal of their children to pursue home education.  Despite the fact that home school statistics show great results for students, some countries still make it very difficult to pursue non-traditional education.  Following is general information on the laws in your state.  Obtaining copies of the regulations, joining a home school group and/or a legal advocacy organization such as Homeschool Legal Defense Fund or Homeschool Legal Advantage are personal decisions each family must make.


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