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Getting Dad Involved in Homeschooling

I encourage you to find a way to get dad involved in homeschooling. Here are some tips to help.

When we first began homeschooling, my husband felt “out of the loop”. He came home at the end of the day knowing that we “did school” but not really knowing what we did, or how the girls did that day. This is different from public school because typically kids come home with homework, notes from the teacher, or graded papers. I realized that if my husband was going to understand our girl’s education at all, I would have to find ways to get him involved.

How to Homeschool Preschool

Homeschooling Preschool does NOT have to be complicated, and teaching this age is far from difficult. Homeschooling preschool starts with the basics. If you are wondering if you should homeschool preschool and how to homeschool preschool THIS is the post for you! 

As you look at your active three or four-year-old, you may be contemplating what step to take next. Should you put them in preschool? Try it out at home? The questions may be swirling through your mind making you wonder if you should homeschool preschool?

Tips for Homeschooling Science

Science is one of the most entertaining subjects to homeschool. The magic of experimentation makes it a subject children gravitate to. There’s plenty of room for hands-on learning and many of your child’s most burning questions can be solved through science. Sometimes the vast number of options you have can leave homeschooling science feeling a bit intimidating but with a few tools and a bit of imagination, you can homeschool science is a memorable and fun way that will have children begging for the next lesson.

Preschool Fun With Mega Blocks!

Studies have found that children learn best through hands-on experiences. One way that you and your preschooler can have fun with mega blocks!

In just about every home in America, you can find something called mega blocks. Young children love playing with mega blocks! But did you know mega blocks can also be educational? If you have a preschooler they are the perfect hands-on learning tool! Here are a few ways that you can have fun with your preschooler and mega blocks.

Making Family Read Alouds Fun!

Reading aloud together as a family is a great way to build family bonds. However, reading aloud is not always fun for mom and kids. The key to a successful family read aloud is making it fun for all involved. How can you do that?


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