eCore, University System of Georgia


Would you like to streamline a process to help your students obtain college credit while saving time, resources and money? eCore is an excellent alternative for rising juniors and seniors who want to accumulate college credits now via dual enrollment. eCore, the University System of Georgia’s (USG) electronic core curriculum, offers students a smooth transition from high school to college coursework offering flexibility, convenience, and college course rigor. Each eCore course has a pre-determined syllabus and schedule and is taught by qualified USG faculty. Courses are delivered completely online by affiliate institutions throughout the state and are offered in traditional 16 week and 8 week formats. A dedicated student support team exists to serve all enrolled students and there is a system to identify students in at risk situations. Additionally, some courses offer embedded tutors. Tuition of an eCore course is set at $169 per credit hour. eCore offers 26 courses and 14 of these courses have free open access texts – embedded inside the class platform. Students may be eligible for funding under the Accel Program. Let us help you serve your students with the eCore option!

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