2019 Exhibitors

Write Brain Education

Write Brain Education provides college preparatory courses and tutoring services focused on bridging the expectations gap between high school and college in reading, writing, information literacy, and specialized courses in general education. Write Brain Education was founded by Stacy Keltner, Ph.D. and Jay Julian, Ph.D., who together have 45 years combined experience working with university students on critical reading, thinking, and writing skills in multiple college settings.

Mental Muttering

Mental Muttering is a small, family owned business that provides information for homeschooling families on a variety of topics such as language disorders, 2e, gifted, and nutrition.

Memoria Press

memoria press

Memoria Press is a family-run, family-focused classical Christian homeschool and private school curriculum publishing company. Explore our large selection of Classical Core Curriculum homeschool resources including Pre-K through 10th grade complete curriculum packages. Latin programs for all ages, Logic, Literature guides, Classical Composition, Science and Geography programs.

Cynthia L Simmons/Heart of the Matter

Cynthia L Simmons/Heart of the Matter reaches out to homeschool moms and families.

Visit website: CLSimmons.com

Curriculum That Matters, Inc.

Curriculum That Matters brings real-life into the classroom when students earn ‘money’ to ‘buy’ grades. Educators are discovering a compelling way to give students tools they need to be successful in real life; whether online or in the classroom we have what you need.


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