Teaching History the Way It Happened— In Order!

Speaker: Julia Nalle
In most subjects, we start by teaching the basics: In reading, we start by teaching children the alphabet; in writing, we start by teaching children how to hold a pencil; and in arithmetic, we start by teaching children how to count. Since we start every other subject at the beginning, why should we start history in the middle— with Columbus’ arrival in the West Indies, or with the American Revolution? A well-ordered approach to history and literature allows students to follow history as it happened: In order, from ancient times through the present. A classical approach produces a well-rounded student who knows the stories from all of history— whether ancient or modern, Biblical or secular— that every educated person should know. This seminar will help you understand the importance of studying history in order and how to integrate history with literature reading, writing assignments, geography study, hands-on history activities in a classical four year Charlotte Mason styled approach. The entire family can enjoy history together (with appropriate material for each learning age) with this chronological study plan.


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