2016 Workshops

Georgia HOPE, Zell Miller Scholarship and Move on When Ready Program

Speaker: Ben Meadows
Overview of Georgia’s HOPE, Zell Miller and Move on When Ready Program eligibility, awards and opportunities.

Kids Learning in the Kitchen

Speaker: Tammy Snyder
Tammy will share a simple system for planning and preparing healthy meals for your family while incorporating lessons in budgeting and making healthy choices. You will get to experience a hands on demonstration. You will leave with ideas for educating your children through fun, hands on activities for the kitchen and store.

Another Mistake? Teach Excellence without Oppressing Your Child

Speaker: Cynthia L. Simmons
As homeschool moms we long for our children to reach excellence, but there’s a fine line between high goals and perfectionism. In this class, Cynthia shares what a good home looks like and how to encourage without breaking your child’s spirit.

Cover Their Eyes and Ears: Teach Your Children to Think

Speaker: Cynthia L. Simmons
As mothers we long to protect our children from the ungodly
philosophies sweeping our nation. Cynthia will give you invaluable tools to prepare your child to discern truth from error.

Building Young Learners with Foldables

Speaker: Dr. Rhonda Meyer Vivian
Foldables are a great tool for early childhood classrooms—learn how to use new materials and tried-and-true strategies in this engaging session. Cut, fold and more as you make thoughtful decisions to foster active learning engagement of early childhood learners. Leave with multiple examples of materials you can use with young learners.


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