Carol Burton

Carol Burton, founder of Burton Reading, graduated in 1983 with a degree in elementary education from The Ohio State University. A veteran teacher with 25 years in the classroom, Carol’s resume includes 14 years of teaching Reading Recovery and as a Title I Reading specialist. In founding Burton Reading, Carol has taken what she has learned in her years of successful teaching and combined it with her training in special education at Ashland University and Reading Recovery at The Ohio State University. Carol’s ability to achieve consistent excellent results with beginning readers have been noted by teachers, parents, and administrators. She has a natural gift for making the complex simple and she has done just that in her online training videos designed to equip home school parents with no teaching experience to become proficient literacy educators just by watching the demonstration videos featuring real beginning readers and then following Carol’s step by step methods. Carol was married for forty years to Pastor Don Burton, who passed away in 2005. Carol has four grown children and eighteen grandchildren. Outside of her life at school, Carol has over 40 years of church ministry experience.


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