2013 Speakers

George Burford

George Burford is a graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He has a Masters degree in Athletic Administration and over 30 years of experience teaching and coaching students from elementary school to the college level.

Robin Finley

Robin Finley is a 33-year veteran middle and high school language arts teacher.

Dr. James Stobaugh

Dr. James Stobaugh is a certified SAT and ACT grader, the founder of For Such a Time as This ministry, and a homeschool father.

Dara Halydier

Dara has homeschooled her 5 boys for 21 years. She is the author of Practical Proverbs for Older Students and Practical Proverbs for Younger Students.

Erin Karl

Anna taught Analytical Grammar in the classroom for a couple of years before leaving the workplace to raise her two small children and help her mom run the business.


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