Fun Activities

Homeschooling in the Great Outdoors

I don’t know about you, but my family and I love spending time in the great outdoors. We camp a few times a year. And by camping, I don’t mean camper and electricity. I mean pitching a tent and really camping. Why? Because there is SO much that can be learned by spending time in the great outdoors.

Bazooka Ball

NEW IN 2017!

Bazooka Ball is active sport that is fun & exciting! Bazooka Ball is great for team work. Children learn to work as a team, work within pairs, and help build self-esteem while having a blast! Children must be ages 7 and up and a signed waiver is required. Bazooka Ball has a nominal fee to participate and children play first-come, first-serve.

Game Area

There is plenty of room for children to play various board games and chess matches at the game area inside the exhibit hall. It is always a popular attraction at the expo!

Rock Climbing Wall

Children can enjoy the BIG Rock Climbing wall inside the exhibit hall at the Southeast Homeschool Expo! For a small fee, children can climb to the top and challenge themselves to ring the alarm at the top of the wall.

LEGO BuildZone

Imagine a giant pile of LEGO bricks all for you to play in and build for hours! Children ages 4 and up can enjoy a big pile of LEGO's to explore and build during the Expo.


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