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How to Teach Language Arts Using Real Books

How to teach language arts using real books

Have you ever found yourself thinking “I think I’ll go back and reread that textbook again?” I didn’t think so either. When it comes to homeschooling, there are usually two areas that stress homeschool parents out the most. The first is math and the second is language arts. When you think back to your childhood school days, what do you remember from your language arts classroom? I guarantee one of the items that will always make the list are the books you read! You can use REAL books to teach language arts in your homeschool classroom instead of relying on a textbook. Here’s how to teach language arts using real books.

Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Literacy Skills

Your child may not learn to read till they are around age 5, but your child is learning from the time they are born. The foundation of good literacy skills is started while the child is still young. Early literacy skills are things like communication, recognition of letters, numbers and words (not reading, but recognizing), storytelling, being able to narrate what was said, or read, learning to rhyme, and recognize sounds.

25 Great Books for Middle Schoolers

With summer here, and summer reading programs in full swing, it is a great time to make a book list for your middle school child.

These book series are great for those kids who are in the middle age range (10-12). Use discretion when choosing books for your child, each family will have different values and standards for their child’s literature choices.

20+ Great Family Read a Louds

Do you want to make sure your child gets the best education they can? Do you want to ensure that your child has a head start in academics? If so, then the most important thing you can do for your child is read to them!

Randi’s Curriculum Choices

Randi’s Curriculum Choices

There are way too many curriculum choices.  Some are excellent and a lot are not!  In creating this list, I didn’t want to add to all the noise and burden parents to just buy more stuff to put on their shelves. I wanted to keep my recommendations to only the books that are very, very special.  There are many more books, but most people don’t have very much time and their children don’t either.  So read and use the really good books first and then if time permits, read the rest.


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