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Celebrate Calm with Kirk & Casey

Laugh-out loud funny, practical and life-changing. That is how over 200,000 parents have described Celebrate Calm Founder and homeschooling father Kirk Martin. Based on work with 1,500 challenging children right in his own home, Kirk’s strategies will eliminate the power struggles, yelling and arguing that stress you out. Learn more at www.CelebrateCalm.com.

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Friday, July 27th at 10:00am          Room 106
Are You At Your Wit’s End? Stop the Yelling & Power Struggles

Do you need help calming your explosive household? Tired of yelling at, negotiating with and bribing your child? Do you want your child to take responsibility for his school work, chores and attitude? It’s time to stop the yelling, arguing and power struggles with toddlers and teens. Moms, it’s not your job to manage everyone’s emotions and make everyone happy! We’ll show you how to create stress-free mornings, school, dinner and bedtime. We promise you will laugh and leave with a dozen practical strategies that really work.

Friday, July 27th at 1:45pm             Room 106

10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Meltdowns
Nothing is more frustrating and embarrassing than a child being defiant or melting down in public. Have a little one who looks right through you and says, No?! Have a teenager who defies you or rolls his eyes? Have a child who refuses to go places? Kirk will show you how to stop a meltdown in public without losing it yourself! You will learn how to turn emotional power struggles into opportunities to build trust and teach self-discipline. You will be blown away by how practical these strategies are.


Saturday, July 28th at 10:00am          Room 106

Stop Sibling Rivalry & Fights Over Video Games
Does anything make your blood boil more than hearing your children be mean to each other? But none of your rational discussions make a difference. You feel like a bad parent, like you’ve done something wrong, embarrassed that your kids act like this. What happens when you have one child who takes all your energy and time? We’ll show you how to get your kids to share, stop tattling, and resolve conflict so you don’t have to be the sheriff. We’ll even show you an amazing way to deal with your kids complaining, it’s not fair!

Saturday, July 28th at 12:30pm            Room 106

Discipline That Works, When Consequences & Time-Outs Don’t

Instead of being drawn into power struggles, yelling and giving meaningless consequences, Kirk will show you 10 ways to discipline with dignity so kids listen to, respect and trust you.

  • Stop the whining, complaining and tantrums.
  • Get kids to listen when they are loud in the car or interrupt on the phone.
  • Teach kids to control their own behavior (self-discipline) so you don’t have to “make them” behave.
  • What to do when kids lie, steal, cheat, disobey, won’t go to sleep and more.




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