Dale Gamache

Dale Gamache has 30 years experience teaching the Spanish language. He has taught elementary , middle and high school students in the Volusia County , FL school system including the past 25 years at Seabreeze High. Señor Gamache and his family established their own private Spanish language after-school program where they taught public, private, and home school children in the Daytona Beach, Florida area . They have instructed hundreds of elementary and middle school students in these after-school programs. They developed the LA CLASE DIVERTIDA DVD curriculum while teaching these classes. He and his wife Robin have also recently developed a survival Spanish computer program in conjunction with the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes with a focus on missions for adults and church congregations.. Sr. Gamache instructs high school students from all over the country live(NOT virtual) thru internet classrooms for High School Spanish I II and III credit. Sr. Gamache has been a featured speaker on Foreign Language Acquisition at both homeschool and public school conventions throughout the country.
Dale and his wife Robin live in the Daytona Beach area and have a daughter Erin who attends Polk State College after 13 years of homeschooling.


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