2018 Speakers

Pat Wesolowski

Pat Wesolowski is an author, speaker, and homeschooling mother of 9 who is now the Homeschool Specialist at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. After homeschooling her 9 children for the past 32 years, she is finally finished! Pat has a heart for helping parents find joy in their homeschooling experience and, for that reason, loves teaching workshops in order to encourage and equip parents for a fun and successful homeschool experience. Pat is the host of a podcast entitled “Homeschooling Co-op Style,” writes a blog, and has authored numerous unit studies for homeschooled students. Pat has also written a free E Resource to help parents plan for a successful high school experience: www.bryan.edu/ebook

Amber B Brown

Amber is a homeschool mom of nine, passionate about learning and sharing with others the knowledge of caring for your family naturally.

Julie Melendez

Serving Classical Conversations as the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for the last 7 years, Julie Melendez is a homeschool mom of 3 children that have graduated from college and are all enjoying married life, jobs and kids of their own. She has been married for 25 years and is enjoying life with her first granddaughter Elinor as well as traveling and speaking. Julie homeschooled her children for 10+ years using the classical model as well as Classical Conversations for their academics, a once a week meeting time with other students. With a passion for homeschooling through high school, she is thrilled to now invest into the lives of homeschool moms who have been called to this journey and sacrifice of homeschooling and desires to encourage them to finish strong!

Mary Beth Morris

Mary Beth and her husband, John, have been homeschooling in Georgia for over 20 years and serving on the GHEA Board of Directors since January 2014. Mary Beth serves as the Communications Director for GHEA and is actively involved with the Governmental Affairs Team, as well as other GHEA activities. She is passionate about parents’ rights to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their children. She holds a degree in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech. In addition to teaching her own five children (including three homeschool grads), she tutors private and group courses for high school math, science, and engineering.

Tim Samuel

Tim Samuel is a 22 year old serial entrepreneur, videographer, and influencer. Tim was born in Bronx, New York into a small Caribbean family. Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease he struggled as a kid being admitted into hospitals often for months at a time. Nonetheless, he went on to graduate high school in the top of his class as an AP Honor. Through the years he developed an interest in business and creative arts such as film. He is the VP and Co-founder of Sparketh.com, the netflix for arts and has 4+ years producing hundreds of videos for non-profits and businesses.


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