5 Reminders Every Homeschooling Mom Needs

What does a homeschool mom need? The answer may surprise you. Here are a few reminders every homeschool mom needs! 

A homeschool mom spends a lot of her time on her children. She awakes to feed them breakfast and get started on the school day. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of being a homeschool mom that you forget a few things. Here are 5 reminders every homeschooling mom needs.


#1. You got this!

Homeschooling may be hard, but you got this. Hold onto those good days because you’ll need them when the bad days strike. On the days you think you can’t do this anymore, just remember that you got this and you can do this.


#2. Your kids are learning.

Maybe the last comment from your great aunt about your children being behind, set you over the edge. Ignore the aunt and know that you’re doing an excellent job of teaching your children. Even if it’s at a snail pace, your kids are still learning. One thing you have learned about homeschooling is that some kids excel and some kids take a while.


#3. The small moments do count.

That five minutes you just spent on the couch reading to your child, those moments do count. The one minute you took to talk to your child, instead of yell at them, that moment does count. Those small moments with your child count, don’t let them slip by you.


#4. It’s okay to change things up.

Just because you started the homeschool year and are in a routine, it doesn’t mean you cannot change things up. A reminder that every homeschool mom needs is that she knows best and trial and error are more than okay. As you go throughout your homeschool year, if something isn’t working for you, change it up.


#5. It’s okay to ask for help.

Being a homeschool mom, plus balancing all other responsibilities, can be overwhelming. It’s more than okay to ask for help from loved ones. Ask your spouse to take over science, so you can get a break. Remember that homeschooling is all about doing what works for your family.


The next time you’re feeling down on yourself, remember these reminders. Homeschooling isn’t always roses and butterflies. One thing it is all the time is an incredible journey. Homeschool moms need reminded that these years may be hard, but it’s all worth it. The next time you doubt yourself, check out these reminders. You got this.

What does a homeschool mom need? The answer may surprise you. Here are a few reminders every homeschool mom needs!


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