Five Ways a Homeschool Mom Can Make Money from Home

As a homeschool family living on one income can be difficult. Here are five ways that a homeschool mom can make money from home.

As a homeschool family living on one income can be difficult. It can be done, we are usually used to pinching pennies, and making things last. However, it is also nice when we can contribute financially to our household. I have worked from home for over 8 years. I cut back a lot after we began homeschooling, but I do contribute to our family’s income, and if you want, you can too! Here are five ways that a homeschool mom can make money from home.


Money Saving Apps and Websites

There are numerous apps out there that can help you make money doing things you do anyway, like grocery shop! One app that is nice is Ibotta. Anytime you go to the grocery store, movie theatre, or a restaurant check and see if your purchase is eligible for a rebate. If so, claim it and you’re done! The cash out is low at $5. I typically make around $15 a month just by going to the grocery store. It’s not a lot, but if you add it up over a year it could be a nice way to purchase a Christmas present or help with curriculum. Swagbucks has many different options to help you earn points. You can take surveys, shop online, print coupons, and watch videos.  You then can cash your points out for gift cards to places like Wal-Mart and Amazon. I have used them before and could earn $5 or so a month if I remember to use them.

In-Home Child Care and Teaching

I ran an in-home daycare for 7 years. It was chaotic but a lot of fun! The kids liked having friends over all the time, and it brings in a good amount of money. Check with your local job and family services for licensing information. If you’d rather not run a child care business, consider teaching in your home. You can do this through after-school tutoring or work at home with an online business like VipKID. Through that business, you will be teaching Chinese kids English.


This is what I do now, and I love it! Good places to get started freelancing are Odesk and Elance. If you enjoy writing it is a great job to get into. The hours are flexible, and the pay isn’t bad.

Virtual Assistant

I have done this before, and it is not bad. You work behind the “scenes” for bloggers, authors, or curriculum companies. It is somewhat difficult to find VA jobs, but you can find some on Odesk, or by following blogs like Money Saving Mom. VA’s are responsible for sending and responding to emails, scheduling blog posts, customer service work and anything else their client may want them to do.

Selling Homemade Items

If you are crafty, can sew, or are great at making stuff look into selling your items. Websites like Etsy are taking off like crazy! Moms can list their items for sale and make a good profit. I have friends who crochet hats and scarves and sell them on Facebook at Christmas, I also have friends who paint signs, or make crafts, then sell them at flea markets. There are really no limits to how you can sell your items. You just need to be a little creative (which I’m not, so I haven’t tried this one). However, I promise it works if you are!

These are just a few ways that homeschool moms can help contribute to their family’s income. I hope that one of them can work for you!

Author Bio: Misty Bailey is the blogger behind Joy in the Journey and the podcaster behind Joyfully Homeschooling.  Her goal in this online space is to encourage and inspire you on your homeschool journey by providing practical tips for real life homeschooling. Through real stories, real struggles, and real life, Misty encourages her blog readers and podcast listeners to embrace imperfection and strive for a more joyful homeschool.

As a homeschool family living on one income can be difficult. Here are five ways that a homeschool mom can make money from home.



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