HELP! My Kid HATES Homeschooling!

We’ve all been there a time or two, well most of us have. Homeschooling is going well, then BOOM a child hits a wall and they are done.

Done with school.

Done with you.

Done with learning.

They begin to hate homeschooling, leaving YOU feeling like you did something wrong. However, chances are, you didn’t. Kids can get overwhelmed just like adults. I don’t know about you, but some days being an adult leaves me done. With life. With bills. With responsibilities. Can I get an amen?! Kids are the same way. So, what can you do with a child who hates homeschooling?

Pinpoint the Problem

Is it a subject they don’t like? Let’s face it most kids aren’t going to like Math. Some don’t like reading. And some may want to pull their hair out over science.

Are they feeling overloaded with work? We are in a generation of homeschoolers who honestly, PUSH a lot. When we don’t really have to. Are they hating homeschooling because they have TOO much to do?

Do they KNOW the material? If they are at a loss as to what they are learning then they are bound to be frustrated.

Find a Solution

Once you have pinpointed the problem can you fix it? They don’t like the subject? See if they can learn it in a different way. Maybe a unit study, or a curriculum change.

Overloaded with work? Maybe drop down to the basics for a season. Or alternate with a week of science, following a week of history. No one said you HAVE to do EVERY subject EVERY day.

If they don’t know the material it may be time to consider a tutor, an online course, or another source of help. Some of my favorites are YouTube videos, Khan Academy, or a friend/ family member who is proficient in the subject at hand.

Face Reality

I remember the first time my homeschool child hit a wall. It was a big one and they were ready to throw in the towel. We slowed down for a bit, dropped down to a few basics and even considered a curriculum change. Nothing helped, they still were frustrated with school.

So, I made her study. Outside of school hours. We called it “homework”. She was devasted. But, she needed a reality check. School does not always fit into a 9-1 box. It doesn’t for public school kids, and it doesn’t always for homeschooled kids either. Was it hard? Yes. Did she hate it? Yes. But, with a little extra time studying she was able to master the issue in a few weeks.

Homeschooling is NOT going to be all fun and no struggle. You need to realize that and your kids need to realize that. Learning is work. .Education takes time and energy.  Does this mean our kids need to HATE homeschooling? NO. Sometimes the problem really can be fixed.

But sometimes, we need a reality check, and our kids do too.

Moms if you are facing a child who hates homeschooling I encourage you to do the above three things.  Homeschooling is not always easy. But, it is always worth it!

Ever had a child who hates homeschooling, leaving YOU feeling like you did something wrong? Chances are, you didn’t. Kids can get overwhelmed just like adults. So, what can you do with a child who hates homeschooling?

Misty Bailey is a Christian wife and work at home homeschool mom. She resides with her family in Southern Ohio.  She shares her struggles with time management, becoming unglued, homeschooling and finding joy in the everyday moments on her blog Joy in the Journey.  You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


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