Homeschool Scholarships 101

Years ago homeschooling parents second guessed their decision to homeschool with the age-old question, “Will they ever get into college?”.Luckily, we no longer have to worry as much about that as more and more colleges are recruiting homeschoolers. For the most part, the days of discrimination from admission boards are gone, and we know our children CAN get into a good college.

However, one question stays the same. How are we going to pay for it?

Homeschool scholarships, how do get them? Find them? Keep them? With more and more information out there regarding how well homeschoolers perform long term the scholarship process for homeschoolers should not be any more difficult than those who are traditionally educated.

How Can I Obtain a Homeschool Scholarship?

Most scholarships don’t exclude homeschoolers, and in fact, more and more are actually targeting them. Due to the widely publicized studies revealing that homeschoolers have consistently scored higher on college entrance exams than their public school counterparts, in recent years, homeschool applicants make widely sought after applicants.

In order to obtain a homeschool scholarship, a homeschool student must follow the same path as other students when applying. Typically this includes taking the SAT/ACT your junior year of college as well as being involved in your community and in extracurricular activities.

What Can I Expect from Homeschool Scholarships?

Scholarships can be one-time awards or last all four years of college. They come in different sizes and can start at $50 and go all the up to a full ride.

College scholarships are awarded on the basis of many different things.

  • Good grades
  • High Sat/ACT scores
  • Special skills or talents
  • Pursuing a specific career
  • Activity in certain groups or organizations

Where Can I Find Homeschool Scholarships?

So, now the big question, where do you actually find a homeschool scholarship? The answer is really anywhere. Scholarships can be found in numerous locations from your employer to your church, to your curriculum company. Let’s take a look at a few specific homeschool scholarship opportunities.

State Scholarships for Home Schooled Candidates

Each individual state typically offers scholarships and financial assistance to college-bound individuals.  Some state-specific resources are applied generally, to benefit the greatest numbers of applicants, but there are also initiatives on the books for particular student groups.  While state scholarships might not be specific to homeschoolers, they usually don’t specifically exclude them from participating either.

Home School Legal Defense Association

HSLDA is an advocacy organization for homeschoolers.  The Association maintains this listing of financial aid opportunities for home schooled students of higher education

Sonlight Scholarship

Users of the Sonlight curriculum may qualify for a scholarship. They’re awarded based on two sets of criteria. The “Green Criteria” include creativity and acts of kindness. Academics are given the greatest weight among awards based on “Blue Criteria.”

Home Education Recognition Organization

HERO sponsors three scholarships specifically for students completing a home-schooling program. The Craig Dickinson Memorial Scholarship is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic achievement. The Mason Lighthouse Scholarship is for service-minded students who have contributed to their church or civic community. The State of the Arts Scholarship is for students who plans to study performing or visual arts. Each HERO scholarship is $1000

Apologia National Scholarship for Christian Service

The  Apologia National Scholarship for Christian Service is granted for $2,000 to home-educated students across the United States who are interested in joining the one-year Christian gap year program at Impact360. Applicants who have been educated with the Apologia curriculum will be given preference.

Additional Information about Homeschool Scholarships


With more and more information out there regarding how well homeschoolers perform long term, the scholarship process for homeschoolers should not be any more difficult than those who are traditionally educated. If anything you may be surprised to find that there are MORE opportunities out there. So, don’t be discouraged about planning for your child’s college education.


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