Kathleen MacGregor

Kathleen began using RightStart™ Mathematics at home with her 4th and 8th grade sons several years ago. The abacus and manipulatives gave mathematical understanding and ease in a way never before experienced even by Kathleen (who completed Calculus in college)! Geometry was a fun integration for the boys to experience as they learned about equilateral triangles, rhombuses, vertexes, and more. Her very visual, musical 8th grade son was terribly behind in math when they began to homeschool and took Level E that year. It was an excellent decision and the areas in which he was deficient were quickly understood. Two years ago he completed Honors Algebra 2 in his junior year of high school and was recommended to Pre-Calculus for his senior year. Kathleen is eager to share with others the RightStart™ Mathematics philosophy and principals that have governed this excellent curriculum. She graduated with a BSN from Florida State University in 1986. She and her husband have 4 boys ranging in ages from 25-13 years, a daughter-in-law and grandson. She can be reached at Kathleen@RightStartMath.com.
 – Workshop Title: Fractions: From Fear to Fun with RightStart™ Math!


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