Lesli Gibbs/This Crazy Homeschool Life

A North Carolina native, Lesli is a married, homeschooling mom of three who lives outside of Atlanta. She’s the daughter of a teacher, and earned her degree in education. Lesli has been homeschooling her children from the start of their education journeys. After 8 years of homeschooling, she is passionate about travel, family togetherness, and active learning. Lesli celebrates the homeschool adventure on her blog, This Crazy Homeschool Life.
 – Workshop Title: Failure Free Homeschooling: Setting Your Homeschool Life Up for Success
 – Workshop Description: Whether you’re new to the homeschool world, or have been at this adventure for a while, do you still have the fear that you will fail your children? Learn how to set your homeschool up for success, and how to easily avoid the most common homeschool mistakes that can lead to failure in your schooling.


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