Making Family Read Alouds Fun!

Reading aloud together as a family is a great way to build family bonds. However, reading aloud is not always fun for mom and kids. The key to a successful family read aloud is making it fun for all involved. How can you do that?

Choose Wisely

Choose a book that everyone will enjoy. There are great classics out there that the whole family will enjoy.  Don’t choose a book that is over the youngest heads, but don’t choose a book that is too babyish for the oldest. The key is a perfect balance, which is often times found in the classics like Charlotte’s Web, Little House, Anne of Green Gables, and others.

Time it Accordingly

The family read aloud time needs to be at a time when the whole family is home and relaxed. This is often times before bed. But, it doesn’t have to be. Family dinner table may be a great choice, at breakfast before dad leaves for work is another option. You want to time family read aloud at a time that works best for everyone. This will be a different time for every family, so choose the time that works best in YOUR home.

Make it lively!

Change your voice with the characters in the book. Let your voice show your excitement or disappointment. Stop at a place where it leaves everyone on the edge of their seat. Monotone voices are NOT the way to do family read a loud. You want them to be fun, upbeat, and engaging.

Encourage Conversation

Talk about the book before and after reading. What do they remember from the day before? Who are the main characters? What do they think are going to happen next? These types of questions get a discussion going and encourage conversation between family members. That is a great way to connect and bond.

Family read aloud time does not have to be “boring” choose a book that the whole family will enjoy, read at a time that works best for YOUR house, make the time lively and encourage conversation. These are the key to successful family read aloud time.

Author Bio: Misty Bailey is the blogger behind Joy in the Journey and the podcaster behind Joyfully Homeschooling.  Her goal in this online space is to encourage and inspire you on your homeschool journey by providing practical tips for real life homeschooling. Through real stories, real struggles, and real life, Misty encourages her blog readers and podcast listeners to embrace imperfection and strive for a more joyful homeschool.

The key to a successful family read aloud is making it fun for all involved. How can you do that?


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